Parts, Accessories, Rental, Repair

PARR On Site Medical Equipment Maintenance and Biomedical Repair

parr_vanArdus’ new AMI Biomedical PARR (Parts, Accessories, Rental & Repair) Program provides on-site support & service to hospitals located in cities where there is an Ardus Regional Service Center. A Sales Representative and a Biomedical Technician will visit hospitals in an Ardus delivery van carrying parts, accessories and equipment to perform repairs, do preventive maintenance, and fulfill rental needs.

Ardus Sales Representatives will work in partnership with each hospital’s staff to determine the date and time of a rotational PARR delivery van visit. This will ensure that our friendly and professional field service teams can keep your hospital’s needs met at all times.

A PARR sales order shopping list will be left at each hospital’s Biomed, SPD or Purchasing departments, so the customer can list items needed throughout the week. When the Sales Representative returns, the shopping list orders shown will be immediately supplied, shipped by noon the following business day, or delivered on the next visit.

To speak to a representative, please contact: 1-855-59-Ardus
or email PARR Team

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