Our Quality Testing Process

Our testing is at the highest level! While a calibrated column, stopwatch and pressure gauge will test your infusion pump. We feel that will barely meet the needs. We use a calibrated testing instrument, connected to a computer. The instrument provides an accurately measured operation of the pump, while the computer will only show the actual test results. There are no chances for technician “fudge”, your equipment must pass limits, or the software will not provide a passing test sheet.

Couple the automated testing with our high cleanliness standards, and a 26 point checklist to cover the standards established by and for all major medical equipment manufacturers.

Ardus utilizes the Certamaticâ„¢ testing unit and software calibrated to NIST standards annually and tested regularly here in our lab in-between uses. Electric safety tests meet/exceed UL 544 Standards.

Automated testing includes:

  • Flow Rate
  • Occlusion Pressures
  • Total Volume
  • Electrical Safety
  • Alarms

Visual Inspection Tests

  • Unit Clean
  • Loose Component Check
  • Power Cord Inspection
  • Keypad & Display Window
  • Case Assembly
  • Door Assembly
  • Pole Clamp
  • Safety Clamp
  • Proper Labels
  • Power Up On Battery Power
  • Keypad Functionality
  • Door Open Alarm
  • Panel Lock Functionality
  • Slide Clamp
  • Air In Line Detector
  • Audible Alarm Volume
  • Power Up On AC Power
  • Battery Test
  • Final Visual Inspection
  • Documentation Complete
  • Test/Replace Battery

If we spend this effort for an infusion pump, imagine how well we will care for everything else you have!

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