Gomco/Allied Medical Constant/Intermittent Pump Model 6036

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Product Specifications

Product Manual

Vacuum Range:

250 mm Hg (constant) / 200 mm Hg (intermittent)

Flow Rate:

2.5 lpm (constant) / 3.4 (intermittent)

Collection Bottle:

Provided with two glass collection bottle systems, one for each mode selection (one 2800 ml and 600 ml)

Shipping Weight:

78 lb


33″H x 23″W x 17″D




1/8 hp Continuous Duty


– Mode Vacuum Range Adjustable On/Off Cycle Time

– Constant 0-250 mm HG On — 5-90 seconds

– Intermittent 0-200 mm Hg Off– 23 seconds

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