Pulmonetic ReVel Ventilator

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The ReVel ventilator empowers you to quickly initiate ventilation from the street, to the stretcher, and across the continuum of care.

  • User interface is based on LTV® series platform, providing ease-of-use and reduced training time
  • Weighing only 9 1/2 pounds, the ReVel ventilator moves easily with the patient in transport
  • Small size and ergonomic design allows for ease-of-mounting in ground and air emergency transport vehicles
  • From the initial point of emergency ventilation to the ER, no manual ventilation and no disconnection of the patient circuit, just a continuously ventilated patient

Information Feedback

  • Spontaneous Breathing Trial (SBT) evaluates the patient and gives caregivers the information to make informed decisions about patient weaning
  • Integrated Pulse Oximeter allows monitoring of SpO2 and pulse rate eliminating a monitor, especially during transport
  • Familiar Pulmonetics control and technology integrated into a touch screen reduces training time and improves ease of use
  • Integrated monitoring and clinical tools assist you with managing your patients

The Latest Technology

  • The patented ActivCore™ gas delivery system gives you critical care in a small, portable package
  • Blower delivers 180LPM of flow at 100cmH2O
  • SBT option speeds liberation from invasive ventilation while reducing the risks
  • Automatic leak compensation, up to 30lpm, provides patient comfort and proper flow control throughout Non-Invasive operation

PalmTop™ Ventilator Docking Station

The docking station easily mounts by pole or on the wall. Strategic placement throughout your facility provide a means to both power/charge the unit, and download data. Through the dock or through Smart Card technology all patient record of use may be transferred to/from the unit. The VOXP communication protocol links the unit to monitoring and HIS systems.

Controls and Indicators

  • Airway Pressure display: Tracks airway pressure breath by breath
  • Display window for notifications, alarm messages and configuration menus
  • Exit button for Extended Features
  • Select button for patient setup, entering Extended Features and manual scrolling through monitored values
  • Displays alarms for Low Peak, High Pressure, Low FIO2, Low Ve
  • Optional Pulse Oximeter provides efficient integrated monitoring
  • Highlighted controls are active — Dimmed controls are inactive
  • Power, scroll knob, power status, control lock, maneuvers, manual breath and alarm silence/reset at your fingertips

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