Curlin 4000 CMS Ambulatory Pump

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Product Specifications

Modes of Operation:
PCA with IV, Epidural, or Sub-Q Delivery
TPN with ramping
Variable with 24 specified doses

Pump Mechanism:
Curvilinear peristaltic

5″ H x 4″ W x 2.5″ D

17.5 oz


Flow Rates:
0.1 ml to 400 ml/hr

Volume Limits:
1.0 ml to 9999 ml

KVO Rates:
0.0 to 10 ml/hr; default to 0.1 ml/hr

Power Sources:
2 “C” alkaline batteries; AC and external rechargeable battery pack.

Battery Life:
Nominal 10 hrs at 400 ml/hr
Nominal 30 hrs at 125 ml/hr
Nominal 85 hrs at 2 ml/hr

Infusion Complete, Air-in-line, Occlusion Upstream, Occlusion Downstream, Door Open, Set Not Installed, Unattended Pump, Replace Set, High Upstream pressure, Empty Battery

Bolus Cord, rechargeable battery pack, soft carry packs, lock boxes (150 ml and 250 ml), pole clamp, and data cable

RS232 data port, three lock levels, titration in continuous and PCA modes, and printable history log.

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