Cadd Legacy 1 Ambulatory Pump

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Product Specifications

Pump Resolution:
0.050 ml per pump stroke nominal

1.6″ D x 3.8″ W x 4.4″ H excluding cassette

13.8 oz including 2 AA batteries and empty 100 ml reservoir

Power Source:
2 AA alkaline batteries or AC Adapter

System Delivery Accuracy:
±6% nominal

Maximum Infusion Pressure:
40.0 psi

Maximum Time to Occlusion Alarm:
2.0 hours

Delivery Rate During Priming:
approximately 180 ml/hr

Reservoir Volume:
1-9999 or Not in Use, programmable in 1 ml increments, displayed in 0.1 ml increments

Continuous Rate:
1-3000 ml/24 hr; programmable in 1 ml/24 hr increments

0-99999.95 in 0.05 ml increments

Pump Alarms:
Low battery power
depleted battery
battery dislodged
pump stopped
pump fault
low reservoir volume
high delivery pressure
air in line
disposable not attached when run attempted
motor locked
upstream occlusion
reservoir volume empty
key stuck
disposable detached

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