Cadd 5800 PCA Ambulatory Pump

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Product Specifications

Pump Resolution:
50 microliters per interval

1.1″ D x 3.5″ W x 6.4″ H including 50 ml reservoir

Approximately 1 pound including battery and empty 50 ml reservoir

Power Source:
9-volt alkaline or lithium battery

Pump Timing Accuracy:

System Delivery Accuracy:
±6% nominal

Continuous Rate:
0-20 ml/hr or 0-99.5 mg/hr, depending on concentration

Patient Activated Dose Intervals:
5 min – 999 min in 1 min increments

Patient Activated Doses per Hour:
0-12 over the last 60 minute period

Accumulated Delivery:
0-999 mg or ml, rounded down according to concentration setting

Number of Patient Activated Doses Delivered:

Number of Patient Activated Doses Attempted:

Reservoir Volume Range:
1-999 ml rounded up to the nearest ml in 1 ml increments

Given Range:
0-999 mg or ml

Clinician Activated Bolus:
0-20 ml or 0-99.5 mg, depending on concentration

Patient Activated Dose:
0-6 ml or 0-99.0 mg, depending on concentration

Pump Alarms:
Low battery
Battery Depleted
Pump in Stop Mode
Controller, microprocessor, or motor fault
Improper Delivery
Power Up Fault
Low Residual volume
RES VOL = 000
High Delivery Pressure (28 ± 12 psi)

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