BiWaze® Cough System | Assisted Cough Machine

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The BiWaze® Cough System from ABM Respiratory Care changes that dynamic with dual air pathways separated for inhale and exhale flows. This helps ensure the inhaled air is not contaminated with mucus from the exhaled air.

How BiWaze® Cough works

BiWaze® Cough is the respiratory therapy system that combines multiple therapies of assisted cough and lung expansion along with high frequency oscillation, BiWaze® Cough breaks up and then removes mucus from the lungs by applying positive air pressure (inhale) to the airway and then rapidly shifting to negative air pressure (exhale). After exhale, the pause phase allows the user to rest before the next assisted cough cycle. BiWaze® Cough can provide positive pressure flow during the pause phase so the person’s airways are stinted open after the exhale instead of being forcefully reopened with the next inhale.

The BiWaze® Cough System was inspired by people who need airway clearance treatments tailored to their changing respiratory needs. The dual airpath control separates the inhale and exhale air flow to help ensure the inhaled air is not contaminated with mucus from the exhaled air. The low profile design and simplified touch screen navigation make BiWaze® Cough easy to use. The system provides a non-invasive solution to enhance airway clearance is essential to avoid retained mucus that causes infection, inflammation, and respiratory failure. Each therapy cycle can be personalized to provide the most effective therapy for a person’s respiratory condition.

BiWaze® Cough is designed to provide cleaner care, easier implementation and, is a smarter solution. To put it simply, BiWaze® Cough is a breath of fresh care.